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Volvo trucks are the safest, the best in fuel economy and the most efficient. Moreover, you can customize them in hundreds of ways to make them more economic for your use.

Choosing Volvo is choosing comfort and ergonomics. It matters, it is your work environment!


Volvo invented the three-point safety belt. We also introduced the airbag and made it standard in every vehicule we made. In addition, all standard Volvo trucks lighting are now upgraded to LED.

Moreover, we offer the driver-side airbag and futuristic radar collision avoidance system. The Volvo characteristics' list is lengthy. Therefore, to learn more about Volvo trucks safety devices, click on the following link :

To Order Your Fully Customized Volvo Truck

To obtain your customized Volvo Truck, come see us at Volvo Lac Saint-Jean at 130, Rainville Street in Saint-Prime, Quebec. One of our sales representative will gladly help you choose the engine, the transmission, the differential, the sleeper, the color and all the bells and whistles that will make your Volvo the best truck for you. Regarding our warranties, they can protect your investment up to 1 200 000 km or 7 years!

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